Thursday, February 25, 2010

Starting to really roll!

Yay, followers! Now I have a reason to start posting more regularly. I intend to start posting information, either written by me or quoted from other sources, about the benefits of bodywork.

I also want to explain the different types, because that is one of the most common questions I get from clients. It seems that most people's idea of massage is based on Swedish or deep tissue massage. I incorporate very little Swedish massage into my techniques however, so I think it will be good to explain some other modalities.

In the near future, look for info on Myofasical Release, Energy work (that's a mystery to a lot of people), hydrotherapy, hot stone massage, reflexology and manual lymphatic drainage. I will also explain other treatment techniques and why they work. I would like to have a Q&A type dialogue, so feel free to post comments and questions!

Lately, I've been spending time on marketing online and increasing my internet presence to be more visible. I want to be easy to find and contact, for a hassle-free and nurturing experience start to finish!

As of last week, I am now accepting all major credit cards! You can still purchase gift certificates instantly online, but now you can also call me if you prefer me to mail one or want to speak to me directly. I will also accept requests by email, but I will call you for your card information. Please keep your information secure!

I am currently planning an open house for Thursday, March 18 from 5- 8pm. Stop by to check out the space and pick up information! I will post more soon about specials for the night...

Also now online are massage newsletters with articles on specific massage topics. Check them out for free! Paper copies available in office when you come for a session!

That's all for now, but I'll start posting more regularly!

Be well.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good day to you!

Hello Bloggers and blog readers!

This is my very first blog and post. (Are those one in the same?) I will try to learn the ropes quickly! Through this blog, I hope to post useful information on massage therapy and self-care techniques. I will share updates about Sanachi Massage. Please feel free to provide feedback since I am new to this part of the cyber-world! :)